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X-Ray Heart by mmattes

Ever wondered how it might be if you could see through objects?

Well, three students – Jon Rodriguez, Ben Jensen, and James Kahramaner – at Stanford University are determined to create X-Ray Vision in Virtual Environments.  By calculating a focal point based on users’ pupil accommodation, their product Voxel Vision will enable users the ability to focus inside solid, opaque virtual objects or beyond them, effectively letting users see through-walls in a natural manner.  The ambitious three list visual surgical assistance, ambush deterrence, and cellular composition as possible use cases, emphasizing that the applications may extend to enhancing computer desktop interactions.

So far, their project has successfully managed to receive backing from their KickStarter followers.  With a little over an initial investment of $5 grand, Rodriguez, Jensen, and Kahramaner are aiming to finish their project by September 2012.  Along the way, they plan to recruit some talented specialists.  If this is in your alley, definitely contact them about the potential for a future collaboration.

Voxel Vision’s team welcomes any comments, questions, or critiques of their work.  For more information on how to get in touch, check out their KickStarter page.